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I first off like to say thanks to all our loyal fans. Thanks for all your comments we do enjoy hearing from you so please by all means keep it up. Also a note on the contest it still going it will end on the last day of august. So to remind what the contest is it a fan art contest and the winner will get there fan art posted on our site and we will link there comic on our site. So send your art of your favorite charter to , so now for the badness we will not have a comic up this Monday due to the anime convention we will be attending this week. AX in LA so we will be gone most of the week but after that our update will be regular again sorry for the delays but making costumes and everything taking more time then thought. It be fun I’m dressing up like Richard from LFG, Eric will be Ganon from Zelda and Katelyn is going as Zelda, so if you see us their say hi. Any way I am going to post some desk top wallpaper for you guys to download and check out. Again thanks to our fans we are nothing without you guys and remember tell people about us help get the word out Later.
Lloyd (writer for L&ToEV)

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